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Which Simpsons character best represents the Drupal community?

Mon, 03/08/2010 - 21:06 -- webchick

In preparation for the Bringing it All Back Home: CMS Communities panel at SXSW, I posed the question on Twitter and in #drupal:

Which Simpsons character best represents the #Drupal community and why?

The winner, in terms of number of responses, was...

Lisa Simpson
Lisa Simpson

  • Thinks she has all the answers to save the world but is so pathetically naive she never will. Yet you love her anyway. - TheRealCrell
  • Underestimated, Intelligent, resourceful. With a wonderful singing voice. - bear_feet
  • She is open minded and usually diplomatic :) - JCL324
  • Logical, but not so popular. - DaftNinja

Here were some of the others. Feel free to comment with your own. :)

Hello World, and the Incredible Drupal Community

Thu, 10/25/2007 - 17:35 -- webchick

Drupal rules So webchick.net is finally a Drupal site. It was a bunch of never-updated static HTML files for a very long time, mostly because I didn't really have a reason to start up one of these "blog" things. Well, I found a reason: the incredible Drupal community.

As people may or may not know, my trusty MacBook Pro was stolen from my car in a "smash and grab" on Saturday night while I was having dinner. While I was out drowning my sorrows with Marci at a coffee shop the next day, Jeff Eaton started a fundraiser to help replace the laptop. And within 72 hours, $1,500 USD had been raised!! Enough to replace the window, pay the insurance deductible, cover the difference in coverage, and so on. This outpouring of support is overwhelming; you all are so completely amazing.

So I'd like to use node/1 to personally thank each of the people who contributed.

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